Credentialing is a process whereby hospitals, health insurance companies and health delivery systems (HMOs) evaluate physicians with whom they contract, to confirm that they are adequately trained, certified and / or licensed to provide care.

We at Neetisha Medical InfoTech provide effective and efficient enrollment and credentialing services to our clients. Neetisha Medical InfoTech understands that credentialing is a critical component of the revenue cycle and therefore a critical component of the revenue that our client’s collect. Credentialing process, which is burdensome and time consuming, is an absolute business requisite.

in order to assist our clients in pro-actively managing the physician credentialing life cycle, Neetisha Medical InfoTech offers comprehensive physician credentialing, re-credentialing, expirables management and delegated credentialing services.

Our credentialing services would comprise of :

  • Compiling initial provider information _le (Degree, License, General and Professional liability insurance, SSN number, EIN, taxonomy number)
  • Compiling information required for individual/ Group NPI
  • Initiating enrollment and data entry on NPI Compiling information and initiating enrollment on CAQH
  • Completing and submitting the enrollment application and ensuring its approval
  • Maintaining critical records of enrollment documentation
  • Monitoring of expirations of MA registrations, DEAs, and CLIA registrations
  • Processing re-credentialing applications on an as-needed basis

Key Benefits :

  • Improvement in cash flow
  • Reduction in A/R days
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Ability to handle new clients with the current infrastructure